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Dwight Schrute Actor Rainn Wilson Traded Beets For Beats While Unexpectedly Joining Logic In The Studio

Rainn Wilson recently changed his name to Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson to raise awareness around our environmental crisis, but he’s still got some Dwight Schrute in him.

Logic’s Instagram account has been very active over the last few days, including an announcement that he’s expecting his second child and giving $100 to winners of impromptu rock, paper, scissors games he hosted on the street. Sandwiched between that is a video of Wilson producing beats in Logic’s home studio.

“Look who stopped by to cook some beets,” Logic captioned the video. In the video, Logic says, “My man is making beats, and he’s really snappin’.” The Office fans will immediately understand the play on words.

Also over the weekend, Wilson shared on his own Instagram that he finished editing his book, Soul Boom: Why We Need A Spiritual Revolution, which is due on April 25, 2023 via Hachette Go.

“I hit quite a milestone. I have finished going through my galley proofs and correcting them. It’s an exacting process. With a fine-tooth comb. Pouring through the old PDF, looking for any tweaks and last-minute changes you want to make. There’s the book,” Wilson said in the Instagram video. “I’ve been working on this thing for about three and a half years. Kind of my big COVID project. Comes out in April and sparks what I hope will be a much-needed conversation about reinventing — reimagining — spirituality in our personal lives and in our society itself.”

Would anybody say no to Logic, the first rapper with a No. 1 bestselling novel, and Wilson, also a bestselling author, co-authoring a book?