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Donald Trump Is Scared Of Many Things, But He ‘Reserves Fear’ For Only One Person In His Life

Donald Trump is scared of running out of Diet Cokes, toilets that don’t flush properly, and “Tiffany (Daughter)” appearing on his phone’s caller ID. Also, sharks. Don’t forget sharks. But there’s only one thing — or, more accurately, one person — he fears.

Back in November, Kellyanne Conway appeared in front of the House select committee investigating the January 6th Capitol riot. The transcript from her testimony was released this week, and in it, Trump’s former counselor (the two are on the outs) reveals that she didn’t contact the president on that fateful day — she got in touch with his wife, Melania.

“I texted her, please — something to the effect of, you know, please talk to him, because I know he listens to her,” Conway told the committee. “He listens to many of us, but he reserves fear for one person, Melania.” Donald Trump is like a doofus husband from a 1950s sitcom who’s afraid that his wife (who reportedly called him out for “blowing” the response to COVID-19) is going to kabong his head with a frying pan.

Conway said the first lady “didn’t have her phone,” however, and [was] “preparing for the end of term.” Melania said so herself in a July 2022 Fox News interview — claiming ignorance to the fact that the Capitol was breached. “She didn’t know what was going on,” Conway told the panel. “And I’m offended that nobody ran in there to tell the First Lady of the United States that, I mean, she and her teenage son may be, I don’t know, at risk.”

As a reminder, this is Melania’s alleged response to the violence on January 6th:

These two deserve each other.

(Via the Huffington Post)