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Fuerza Regida Assembled Regional Mexican Stars Eslabon Armado And Natanael Cano On Their Album ‘Pa Que Hablan’

Fuerza Regida teamed up with more of the young heavy-hitters in regional Mexican music on the album Pa Que Hablan that dropped last Friday (December 30). Eslabon Armado, Natanael Cano, and Junior H feature on the Mexican-American band’s star-studded LP.

Fuerza Regida is a part of the wave of Gen-Z acts who are making age-old regional Mexican music appeal to a new generation of fans. The band broke out in 2018 with the corrido “Sigo Chambeando.” The song’s title translates to “Keep Working” in English and that’s what Fuerza Regida has done to stay atop the regional Mexican music charts.

Fuerza Regida have made its album Pa Que Hablan like a summit of regional Mexican music’s new stars. In the moody “Aretes,” the band teamed up with Eslabon Armado, a Mexican-American group that has put an emo twist on the genre. In the boozy “Whisky Con Agua,” Mexican singer and the genre’s local sad boy Junior H joins Fuerza Regida. The band enlisted corridos tumbado pioneer Cano for the feel-good “Ch y La Pizza.” Fuerza Regida also put a fresh spin on regional Mexican music with Mexican rapper Santa Fe Klan who features on the fiery “Una Raya Más Al Tigre.”

Last week, Fuerza Regida also released a second album titled Sigan Hablando. The LP includes the hit “Bebe Dame” featuring Mexican-American band Grupo Frontera. Like Bad Bunny’s free rooftop concert in Puerto Rico last week, Fuerza Regida returned to the band’s hometown of San Bernardino for an impromptu show. Hundreds of people filled the streets to see the group perform songs from both albums on a convenience store rooftop.

“This is my home,” said Jesús Ortiz (JOP), Fuerza Regida’s lead singer, in a statement about the concert. “I remember when I came to this store without a five [dollar bill] and thank God with a lot of work and effort things are happening.”

Pa Que Hablan and Sigan Hablando are out now via Rancho Humilde. Listen to both albums here.