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Billie Eilish Went Ahead And Covered A Song From The 2006 Animated Movie ‘Over The Hedge’

Recently, Finneas revealed that he and his sister Billie Eilish are in songwriting mode for the latter’s upcoming third album. As good work takes time, it may be awhile before we hear what they’ve come up with. In the meantime, Eilish took to TikTok to share a brief cover of a Ben Folds deep cut.

In the video clip, Eilish is seen at at the piano, singing a few lines from Folds’ song, “Still,” which was originally released in 2006 as part of Dreamworks’ soundtrack for the animated movie Over The Hedge.

“I must give the impression that I have the answers for everything,” Eilish sings in the clip. “You were so disappointed to see me unravel so easily / It’s only change, it’s only everything I know/ It’s only change, and I’m only changing.”

Eilish was only around five years old when Over The Hedge came out. In a recent interview with Vogue, Eilish revealed that she often misses the days when she was younger, before she became a household name, saying, “I look back at who I was, when fewer eyes were on me. I grieve that. I strive to be that kid again.”

Check out the clip of Eilish singing “Still” above.