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Of Course ‘Crudités’ Were On The Scene While John Fetterman Was Sworn Into Congress Amid The GOP House Speaker Fiasco

Dr. Mehmet Oz has stayed relatively silent since being defeated by John Fetterman following a highly combative Senate race. And it’s no wonder, since even Tucker Carlson laughed his butt off at Oz’s viral “crudités” video, which saw the former daytime TV show host grocery shopping (for a veggie tray) as though he was guest-editing an old-school GOOP newsletter. This somehow turned out to be more embarrassing than revelations about Oz’s New Jersey mansion.

When the “crudités” fallout went down, Fetterman’s campaign pounced on the chance to use the veggie scandal to fundraise half a million dollars. So, you’d better believe that Team Fetterman kept the brand strong. Here’s word from comms director Joe Calvello, who provided proof that a fancy-ass veggie platter made an appearance while a suited-up Fetterman was sworn into the Senate.

Fetterman tweeted a clip of the swearing-in ceremony (which he called “the honor and privilege of a lifetime”) with his wife, Gisele Barreto Fetterman, by his side.

He also ribbed his own propensity for wearing shorts during formal moments, but do not fret because one of his sons represented.

People were delighted to see this happen, even if they initially missed the ceremony due to the GOP infighting of the ongoing, messy House GOP Speaker election.

Suited Fetterman is the best villain, right? On social media, his supporters agreed while pointing towards Oz (probably) sitting at home in New Jersey.

There’s still hope that Fetterman will bust out a hoodie at the U.S. Capitol. Stay tuned.