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RBD And Alfonso Herrera Condemned A ‘Defamatory’ Report About The Mexican Band’s Upcoming Reunion

Though Alfonso “Poncho” Herrera will not be joining RBD’s reunion later this month, the Mexican actor let his ex-bandmates know yesterday (January 3) that he still has love for them and their group. In condemning a “defamatory” report, RBD also shared that love for the love for Herrera was mutual.

Last month, Anahí, Dulce María, Christian Chávez, Christopher von Uckermann, and Maite Perroni announced that they will reunite in the Mexican band RBD. Herrera decided not to rejoin the group for the reunion that will be taking place on January 19. TVNotas released a report yesterday that claimed Herrera did not want to be a part of the reunion after his request for $10 million was denied. The five members of RBD issued a press release that called the story “false” and “defamatory.”

“No member from the office in charge of the project has been in contact with the magazine and has never provided even the slightest detail in relation to these projects,” RBD said in the statement. “There exists respect, love, and mutual support between the members of RBD and Alfonso Herrera, so this report is only trying to discredit and attack the image, reputation, honor, and integrity of the group.”

Herrera also responded to the TVNotas report on Twitter. In a post, he expressed his support for his ex-bandmates’ reunion as RBD. Herrera also noted that he was proud of RBD and the telenovela Rebelde where the group was formed.

“Denying my past implies denying my present,” Herrera wrote. “Money is not everything and it does not fully motivate my decisions. I am grateful for what I had, what I have and what is to come. I will always wish the best for any project that derives from Rebelde. In the same way that my colleagues have supported me in absolutely everything, which I deeply appreciate.”

Herrera invoked Rebelde as well in an empowering message to his fans. “Rebelde meant and still means pursuing your dreams and being consistent with what you want in life,” he wrote. “It’s something I strive for every day. Sometimes I achieve it and sometimes I learn. And to the fans my eternal gratitude for so much support and love. Happy 2023.”

At the end of his post, Herrera plugged his next movie ¡Que Viva México! that will be released on March 23. RBD fans can check out SoyRebelde.World where the band will keep them updated on the reunion later this month.