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Seth Meyers Hilariously Mocked Rudy Giuliani’s Unintelligible New Year’s Eve Video And General Cluelessness About What Year It Is

The House of Representatives is currently being held hostage by a rogue group of unhinged Republicans largely led by Matt Gaetz while a man who has lied about everything in his life — including being sworn into congress yesterday — is about to be sworn into congress. But Seth Meyers kicked off Tuesday night’s “A Closer Look” with the story that (at least in this author’s opinion) mattered most: Rudy Giuliani’s bizarre, completely unintelligible, and unintentionally hilarious New Year video greeting from Donald Trump’s New Year’s Eve bash at Mar-a-Lago.

As Meyers explained:

Rudy was at Mar-a-Lago to celebrate New Year’s [Eve] with a bunch of other normal, well-adjusted people. And to ring in the new year he recorded, then posted online, a very bizarre video where you can’t hear a word he’s saying. We’re going to show you the video he himself posted online — but again, none of this will be intelligible to you. Since he’s completely drowned out by the noise of the party, but apparently doesn’t realize it.

Yes, it’s a video you must watch for yourself to believe. And what makes it so mesmerizing is that the noise blocking Rudy out is the sound of a band banging out a super high-energy rendition of Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose.” Meyers considers the choice of song fairly ironic, though, considering that the crowd they’re playing it for “is almost certainly medically incapable of doing the Footloose dance.”

“‘Footloose’ sounds like the excuse Rudy would give for being late to a meeting,” Meyers added.

You can watch the full clip above.