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‘The Bear’ Star Ayo Edebiri Remembers Trying Super Hard To See Beyoncé Eating At The Restaurant Where She Worked

Last year, one of the most-discussed shows was Hulu’s new series The Bear, an intense eight-episode drama taking place in a restaurant kitchen. Ayo Edebiri, who plays one of the chefs alongside Jeremy Allen White, talked about her experience actually working in restaurants in her appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night (January 4), and one memorable anecdote she touched on was when Beyoncé and Jay-Z came in.

She explained:

“I worked at ABC Kitchen and that’s a place where a lot of celebs go when in New York. Beyoncé came in once. We all know… she’s a big one. She did the Super Bowl, remember? She came in with Jay-Z and I was doing reservations that night, which meant that I had to stay in the reservations office. So I’m on the phone, but I’m like, Beyoncé’s in the building. So I kept coming up and being like, ‘Does anyone want to ask about any reservations or anything,’ just to try to get a peek at Beyoncé.”

Colbert asked, “Did you get a shot?” She answered, “Not even a strand of hair. Didn’t even see an eyelash of Beyoncé.” Though it must’ve been disappointing, she’s come a far way since then and hopefully will get another chance soon.

Watch her full interview above; find the Beyoncé story starting at 4:26.