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Tucker Carlson Blames His Hilariously Bad 2022 Midterms Predictions On His Smoldering ‘Hatred’ For Liberals: ‘That Loathing Clouded My Judgment’

Tucker Carlson is owning up to the fact that he called the midterm elections wrong, but he’s also blaming the whole thing on liberals. In a new interview with Charlie Kirk, Carlson admitted that he leaned way too hard on the prospect of a “red wave” because of his scolding hot “hatred” of the Left and desire to see them lose.

“That loathing clouded my judgment,” Carlson said. “I was like, ‘I dislike these people so much. What they’re doing is so wrong. It is helping so few people and hurting so many. It’s so immoral on every level that I just want it to be repudiated.’”

However, Republicans ended up losing in key states and only managed to squeak by with a narrow win in the House. In a surprisingly self-deprecating moment, Carlson also revealed that the election outcome reinforced the fact that he’s not very smart when it comes to politics. Via The Hill:

“I wanted that so much, not because I like the Republicans — I really dislike them more than I ever have — but I dislike the other side more,” he added, saying, “I did learn that, like, I have no freaking idea what goes on in American politics.”

To Carlson’s credit, he’s not making the same mistake as Donald Trump who’s refusing to learn any lesson from the disastrous midterm results. While Trump has been roundly accused of costing the Republicans a victory, the former president is now blaming hardcore pro-lifers for pushing the “abortion issue.”

According to Trump, Republicans who refused to allow for exceptions “in the case of Rape, Incest, or Life of the Mother,” are the real culprits.

(Via The Hill)