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James Gunn Announced That He’s Writing A New DC TV Show, So Things May Be Looking Up For The DCEU (Finally)

James Gunn has been pretty busy lately as he single-handedly tries to breathe some life back into the DC universe. Gunn was shuffled in late last year alongside Peter Safran in order to try and repair some of the damage that has been done over the years.

Though as the duo began to announce some projects, things seemed to look even worse: Gunn announced that Wonder Woman 3 is probably not happening anytime soon, meanwhile, Henry Cavill is out as superman once again and The Rock seems to be done with Black Adam. This begs the question: are they moving forward with anything at all over there in DC world?

Gunn seemed to sense the hesitation among fans, so he sent a nice little update with everything he’s been working on this week, including various MCU projects. Is that even allowed?! Regardless, Gunn tweeted that he wrote a third of a currently unannounced DC series.

It was announced last year that Gunn would be working on season two of Peacemaker, the John Cena-led series on HBO Max. Since he specified that he had been working on an “unannounced” project, this might spark some hope among fans. And not one but two big DC meetings could be a good sign, though sometimes those meetings don’t pan out too well.

(Via Deadline)