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Now Ever Noted Trump Sycophant Matt Gaetz Is Tossing The Disgraced Former President Under The Bus For Supporting Kevin McCarthy

On Thursday, Matt Gaetz proudly nominated Donald Trump for Speaker of the House — an announcement that was met with the pathetic sound of one person clapping (Lauren Boebert, who didn’t even vote with Gaetz). He stuck with the 45th president as his choice in the next voting go-around, despite the fact that Trump himself has publicly stated that he supports Kevin McCarthy. Then he moved on to nominating Ted Bundy or something.

But just hours later, while speaking with Laura Ingraham, the Fox News host questioned the seeming disconnect between why Gaetz would nominate Trump when the former president is urging his fellow Republicans to vote McCarthy in and get it over with already.

“I love President Trump,” the longtime sycophant responded. “I defended him a great deal in Congress, but HR wasn’t always his strong suit.” Which sounds like just the kind of guy you’d want heading up the House of Representatives.

As Gaetz continued, he claimed that Trump is just plain wrong for urging people to support McCarthy’s bid for SOTH:

Donald Trump got us folks like Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr and Jim Mattis and Mark Esper — people who didn’t always advance America First policies. So while I think Trump has the vision… I think President Trump is wrong to the extent that he supports Kevin McCarthy.

I’m going to support President Trump if he, or when he, uhh, runs for re-election in 2024. But I’m not going to back him on this play.

So far, Trump’s only response to Gaetz was a poorly Photoshopped image of what he might look like as Speaker, which he posted to TRUTH Social. The former POTUS will no doubt have a response to that knock on his HR skills.

You can watch Gaetz’s full interview with Ingraham below: