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Queen Naija’s Fiery New Song ‘Let’s Talk About It’ Gives The Lyrical Middle Finger To F*ckboys

Queen Naija is offering fans a fun start to the new year with her brand new song, “Let’s Talk About It.” The fiery track serves as a force to be reckoned with as she doesn’t take any bullsh*t from the men of the world.

“Always think you know it all / You don’t know what’s best for you / Why you scared of therapy? / Probably can’t accept the truth,” she burns in the opening verse. However, the smooth and calming R&B beat eases some of the tension off of the biting lyricism.

It was co-written by Queen Naija and Mike Woods (Ty Dolla $ign) with production by Oak Felder (Kehlani, Nicki Minaj).

The music video for “Let’s Talk About It” builds on those themes. It opens with a supercut of flashbacks from a relationship’s toxic moments, as Naija and the man (played by Lil Meech) sit on opposite ends of the couch, presumably after a fight or breakup. From there, Naija sings from the back of a car as she shines under neon lights and stares in the rearview mirror.

She also watches his social media story, catching the f*ckboy in the process — and decides to teach him a lesson about two-timing women.

Listen to Queen Naija’s new song “Let’s Talk About It” above.

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