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It’s Friday, Friday And Rebecca Black Had The Perfect Tweet About Andrew Tate’s Cringey Song

In 2021, Rebecca Black celebrated the 10-year anniversary of “Friday” with a bad-ass remix featuring Dorian Electra and Big Freedia. She suffered lots of trolls at the time in 2011, but her comeback has been big and rejuvenating.

Today, January 6, she took to Twitter to react to a viral clip of Andrew Tate’s unlistenable song “Sugar Daddy” and its embarrassing music video. She quote-tweeted the clip with a simple statement: “i was 13 this man is 36,” in reference to the fact that she was just a kid when her song gained online infamy while Tate’s cringe-worthy output is less excusable. Of course this diss immediately went viral, and some are pointing out that “Friday” is actually not a bad song. This follows the recent arrest of Tate as part of a sex trafficking investigation, which happened after he was dissed by Greta Thunberg.

About coming out as queer, Black told Uproxx, “Gosh, it’s been a really intense year and a half for all of us. I feel now, especially in hindsight, just really fortunate to have been able to take the time to really focus on what was important for me to prioritize in my life and in my world. Coming out definitely had a lot to do with the direction that my project has taken. I feel really good and proud of the progress that I’ve made.”