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Russ Offers His Fans Some Advice On His New Single, ‘Put You On Game’

Russ is kicking off the year making note of some changes he’s making, in hopes that his fans will follow suit.. For those who are committed to their resolutions, the rapper/singer/producer has shared some advice. On his latest single, “Put You On Game,” Russ urges the listeners to pick up new habits and to practice accountability.

“Lemme put you on game / Don’t listen to people who lose, or you’ll do the same / Stop talkin’ to people who don’t give a f*ck what you say / Stop spendin’ your money on weed, go hop on a plane / Stop pointin’ the finger and start takin’ some of the blame,” he rap-sings over a drum-and-violin driven beat.

Elsewhere in the song, he notes the importance of letting our loved ones know how much they mean.

“Call up your mom, tell her you love her before it’s too late / Call up your dad, tell him you love him before it’s too late,” he raps.

In an Instagram post, Russ revealed that the song turned around rather quickly.

“From inception to release date in 24 hours,” he said in the post’s caption. “Freedom is priceless,” alluding to his independence as an artist.

Check out “Put You On Game” above.