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Will Blackpink Headline Coachella 2023?

It’s likely that the Coachella lineup is dropping soon. The annual festival, taking place in Indio, California, is highly anticipated, especially since it’s likely that Frank Ocean will be a headliner since he was supposed to be in 2021 before it was postponed.

There are rumors about other artists headlining as well. One of them is the massive group Blackpink, who released Born Pink last year and made fans go crazy. Of course this is just a rumor — it remains unconfirmed.

It would make sense, though, considering the group’s domination as of late. Last year, the release of their single “Pink Venom” was monumental, serving as the biggest premiere on YouTube of 2022. They hit 90.4 million views in the first 24 hours — so if they played Coachella, it’s safe to assume that the crowd they’d draw in would be inconceivably big.

They were also named 2022 Entertainer Of The Year by Time: “Blackpink has managed to become the biggest girl group in the world precisely by allowing its members to be solo stars in their own right,” Raisa Bruner, a Time contributor, wrote. “The group may be bigger than the sum of its parts, but each of its parts is bigger than most other pop groups’ combined efforts.”