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Steven Spielberg Revealed He’s Never Been Stoned But Still Enjoys The Films Of Seth Rogen

Steven Spielberg has accomplished a lot in his lifetime. Before he was 30 he had changed movies forever with Jaws. He’s won three Oscars. He directed the first proper episode of Columbo! And yet there’s one thing he’s never done: gotten high. His latest film, the semi-autobiographical The Fabelmans, features one of the most prominent stoners in America: Seth Rogen, who’s accomplished a lot as well. But while they work well together, Rogen never got the chance to get him high.

Variety recently caught up with Spielberg and Rogen at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala on Thursday. Spielberg was asked which of Rogen’s “stoner movies” was his favorite.

“Well, having never been stoned, I don’t see them as stoner movies,” he joked, Rogen standing next to him. “I see them as movies about a police officer giving solid, sound advice to an impressionable person.”

That’s a reference, of course, to Superbad, co-written by Rogen, in which he and Bill Hader play doofus cops more interested in getting drunk and hanging with an underage kid than policing. Is that Spielberg’s favorite Rogen movie? If so, it’s a good one, even if it depicts youthful pulchritude that, based on The Fabelmans, is nothing like his own upbringing.

Rogen, of course, is a high-functioning stoner. How many people who get blazed on the regular star in, write, and direct movies, on top of writing children’s books and learning ceramics? Still, different strokes for different folks.

(Via Variety)