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The Chiefs Scored The Season’s Weirdest Touchdown But It Got Called Back For A Holding

The Kansas City Chiefs must be pretty bored during their game against the Las Vegas Raiders on Saturday afternoon. While the Chiefs have a playoff berth all sealed up, the team entered the game in Vegas hoping for a win to keep their hopes of having homefield throughout the AFC playoffs alive, assuming the NFL’s plan for a neutral site conference championship game doesn’t come to fruition.

Anyway, the Chiefs were on the doorstep late in the first half when they busted out this play, which involves playing ring around the rosie and then having Patrick Mahomes line up at running back. It worked out beautiful, except for the fact that there was a holding penalty called and the officials called back what would have been the weirdest touchdown of the NFL season.

The whole thing rocks. The Chiefs play a quick game of Ring Around the Rosie, at which point Jerick McKinnon lines up at quarterback and Mahomes is the running back. They look like they’re running a triple option, but McKinnon actually pitches it to Mahomes, who turns around and throws a screen Kadarius Toney. It is one of the weirdest plays I have ever seen and I love it dearly. Anyway, Toney would score on the very next play, so it all worked out in the end.