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LeBron James Tweeted That A Writer Misrepresented Him As Being Frustrated With The Lakers

LeBron James took umbrage with the way an interview he gave to Sam Amick of The Athletic was presented to the masses. In a tweet on Sunday morning, Amick spoke to James in the aftermath of the Los Angeles Lakers’ 136-134 win over the Sacramento Kings, the team’s fifth win in a row, in which James was asked about the fact that the front office has yet to move their 2027 and 2029 first-round NBA Draft picks for more immediate help.

“Y’all know what the f*ck should be happening,” James said. “I don’t need to talk.”

Amick’s tweet said the interview included James’ “waning patience,” and in a series of tweets on Sunday afternoon, James said that his patience is not waning and that “you make it sound like I’m frustrated when I’m really not. I told you over and over, my job is focused on the guys in the locker room, my job isn’t the roster.”

While James did say that “I worry about who’s in the locker room” and that “I can’t do nobody else’s job,” it is tricky to read him saying “y’all know what the f*ck should be happening” as anything other than his belief that the Lakers should make a trade in the present. But then again, winning cures all ails, and L.A. is currently tied for the longest winning streak in the league despite Anthony Davis being sidelined with an injury, so maybe James is willing to be patient and ride this wave right now.