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Bob Saget’s Wife Requested That Elon Musk Verify The ‘Full House’ Star’s Twitter Account On The Anniversary Of His Death

Bob Saget died one year ago today. On the anniversary of his passing, the Full House star’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, tweeted at Twitter CEO Elon Musk with a request. “Hi @elonmusk — today on the 1 year anniversary of Bob’s (@bobsaget) passing, I saw he’s no longer verified? My husband truly loved Twitter. Out of respect for his legacy, can something be done? Thank you kindly🙏🏼 (friends, please help),” she wrote.

In a follow up, Rizzo added, “And the only reason I’m addressing this at all is because I know Bob would be very bummed about this. He’d say “hey, if someone goes to see my page and all the jokes I’ve tweeted over the years, how will they know it’s for sure me!?”

It’s not only Saget’s jokes that need to be verified. It’s his love of Fetty Wap.

And Rihanna.

And Yo Gotti.

“6 months without my best friend, my travel buddy, my loving husband. 6 months without your silliness, laughter, music, cuteness, caretaking, sharp wit, thoughtfulness, cuddling, and warmth,” Rizzo wrote on the six-month anniversary of Saget’s passing. “But it’s also been 6 months of looking for silver linings, learning how to brave the world without you, 6 months of care and compassion from so many who love you, 6 months of getting even closer to your magical daughters and trying to all be strong together.”