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Shady George Santos Allegedly Hired Someone To Impersonate Kevin McCarthy’s Chief Of Staff To Raise Money

Over the weekend, after four days of GOP-bred chaos over who should be the new Speaker of the House, George Santos was sworn as one of New York’s new representatives. He did so despite an avalanche of revelations that emerged after his election, which showed that he lied about…well, almost everything. But wait, there’s more: Yet another report alleges that the definitely not a shady character who raised money by hiring someone to impersonate a staffer for new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

As per CNBC, Santos paid $100,000 to one Sam Miele to contact donors posing as Dan Meyer, McCarthy’s chief of staff. Miele allegedly called or even emailed wealthy parties, using Meyer’s name to leverage McCarthy’s influence and therefore attract large donations. Miele is accused of doing this not once but twice, first in 2020, for Santos’ failed campaign, and again in 2022, when the alleged ruse paid off.

It’s yet another troubling allegation against Santos, who is accused of lying about his résumé to attract donations from people, some of whom are none-too-happy to have been deceived.

Despite being sworn in, there’s a chance Santos won’t be there for very long. He currently faces SEC complaints and investigations from both the Nassau County district attorney’s office and New York State federal prosecutors. In the meantime, Santos is doing his job, which is to say repeatedly missing his name when called for votes, which definitely isn’t sketchy either.

(Via CNBC)