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Monsta X Are Attracted To Toxicity In Their ‘Beautiful Liar’ Music Video

If you’re attracted to red flags, then this may be the song for you. (Or if you’re a Monbebe whose been waiting for new Monsta X, this is obviously for you.)

Almost a year since releasing their last album Shape Of Love, Monsta X made their long-awaited return with their twelfth EP, Reasons, and lead single “Beautiful Liar” today (January 9). Carrying powerful and addictive electric guitar riffs on a bed of pop and rock instrumentals, “Beautiful Liar,” co-written by members Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M, “expresses the reason for love being found in the most extreme and dangerous relationships” according to an official press release.

Donning in red and black outfits, with scenes surrounding themselves in everything toxic (peep the sets with shards of glass, thick ropes, and chains), Monsta X has successfully executed, and perhaps introduced, the walking red flag concept in K-pop with “Beautiful Liar.”

In addition, the latest EP signifies Hyungwon, Joohoney and I.M initiative as producers as they explore a “diverse variation of genres.” Released under Starship Entertainment, this marks the group’s first comeback since contract renewals, including member I.M’s leave from the label but not the group.

Check out the full tracklist to Monsta X’s 12th EP, Reasons, below.

1. “Beautiful Liar”
2. “Daydream”
3. “Crescendo”
4. “Lone Ranger”
5. “Deny”
6. “It’s Okay”