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The ‘Workaholics’ Cast Is ‘Deeply Butt Hurt’ That A Movie Based On The Show Has Been Canceled

Workaholics was one of Comedy Central’s biggest hits in the 2010s, running for seven seasons and launching the careers of Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, and Jillian Bell. The show, which wrapped up in 2017, was going to be turned into a movie on Paramount Plus, until the streaming service decided it didn’t fit into their “global” strategy. I’d argue people hating their dead-end jobs is a global experience, but alas.

“Welp, Paramount + decided to cancel the Workaholics movie. Obviously, this news is the loosest butthole. We were supposed to begin filming in 5 weeks! P+ told us don’t fit their new ‘global’ strategy…” DeVine wrote on Instagram. “We are deeply butt hurt about this decision because we were so excited to bring the weird one last time.”

The Righteous Gemstones star continued:

“I’m butt hurt that I don’t get to work with my best friends again. I’m butt hurt for the fans, and I’m butt hurt for our loyal crew, and other cast members who are now going to have to scramble to find new jobs. We are out to other streamers, and hopefully we will get to make this insanely fun movie somewhere else.”

If only there was a squad that could save Workaholics: The Movie

(Via Indiewire)