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Hilary Duff Returns (Alongside John Corbett) In Hulu’s ‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 2 Trailer

Last year, How I Met Your Father became part of Hulu’s venture into spinoffs after the success that How I Met Your Mother had in the mid-2000s. The original series was one of those rare shows that, despite being well-loved by your parents, was actually a solid sitcom! It makes sense that Hulu would want to replicate this for the next generation of pub-dwelling New Yorkers (who may or may not have hated the finale).

While it took a little time and momentum to get going, How I Met Your Father actually became a stable hit with its own storylines and frequent callbacks to the original series, but not too many. Plus, it gave Hilary Duff an opportunity to live out her squashed Lizzie McGuire dreams, and that makes it all worth it.

The series stars Duff as Sophie, a woman recounting to her son how she met his father in 2022, with the older Sophie voiced by Kim Cattrall. Along with a cast of 30-something millennials, Sophie and her pals try to make it in New York by dating and drunkenly playing board games. Who can’t relate?! The series also stars Chris Lowell, Francia Raisa, Suraj Sharma and even Josh Peck and Leighton Meester make appearances, along with John Corbett as a new love interest. They really know their audience here.

According to the official description:

Sophie and her close group of friends take on changes to their careers and love lives as they stumble into their 30’s. Figuring out life through trial and error isn’t easy, but there’s nothing you can’t get through with friendship and plenty of laughs.

Season two will premiere on January 23rd on Hulu. Check out the trailer above.