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Kirby Smart’s (Very NSFW) Pregame Speech Will Have You Ready To Run Through A Wall

Georgia put the biggest beatdown in bowl game history on TCU on Monday night, in what just happened to also be the National Championship — with the team literally eating hot wings on the sideline during the game cause it was such a blowout.

The Dawgs’ 65-7 win was never in doubt, as Georgia took and early 10-0 lead and, after TCU made it 10-7, never looked back. The first failed offensive drive for Georgia didn’t come until the opening drive of the second half, and aside from the one coverage bust that set up the Horned Frogs deep in the red zone, the defense played a nearly flawless game.

It was a comprehensive destruction as Georgia cemented itself as college football’s new power program. What was noticeable throughout the postgame interviews on the field was how every single Bulldog player had bought into the idea that no one had believed in them and they had to summit the mountain again to prove the doubters wrong. We also got a glimpse at how Kirby Smart goes about creating that edge when a recording of his pregame speech hit social media, and while it is extremely NSFW, it also might get you ready to run through a wall on this Tuesday afternoon.

“Trust your preparation. Your ass has prepared for this sh*t for f*cking 365 days, I think about them f*ckers in that locker room, think about getting our opportunity, all the sh*t you went through this week to get ready for this game, now you pay the price. You go out there with energy, enthusiasm. Ain’t nobody with room to be cautious. Ain’t nobody with room to be nervous about sh*t. Go out here and f*ck their ass up. Don’t think about scoreboard. Don’t think about sh*t. You think about knocking the sh*t out of ‘em. Did you hear what Fox(?) said about you Monday? I sat in that f*cking meeting, I said I want to play right then. Tore your sh*t up out here two years ago. F*cked your sh*t up. Goddamn pride and joy tells me you f*cked these guys up. You go play the right way. You play the right way. You knock their ass over. You stay off the f*cking ground. You tackle the f*cking man with the ball. This sh*t’s easy. Look at the right sh*t. Punish their ass on offense and kick their ass on special teams, guys. It’s about who the f*ck we are. I believe in you. Let’s go kick some…[team starts cheering]”

The message certainly got through as I think the best description of what the Dawgs did to the Horned Frogs would be “f*cked their ass up,” as requested by Kirby.