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Meghan McCain Is Leaning Into The ‘M3gan’ Madness With A ‘New Profile Pic’ Joke That You Can’t Unsee

Now that M3GAN is a box office hit with a sequel on the way, Meghan McCain is no longer feeling “personally attacked” by the film’s title and “entire premise.” Granted, the former The View host was joking at the time (or was she?), but none of that matters anymore because she’s all about those M3GAN vibes from here on out.

In a recent tweet, McCain leaned into the M3GAN hype by posting a photo of America’s favorite new murder doll and writing in the caption, “New profile pic?”

Normally, when McCain tweets, she gets absolutely shredded in the replies, but this time around was different. Don’t get us wrong, McCain absolutely got lit up, but a surprising number of her followers also had fun with her newfound love for M3GAN, and it wasn’t long until someone got a little too creative with their photo editing skills. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

Good luck sleeping after that! And now on to the inevitable burns that quickly filled up McCain’s mentions:

After exceeding box office projections for its opening weekend and coming in second behind Avatar: The Way of Water, a sequel to M3GAN is reportedly in early development. In the meantime, writer Akela Cooper recently teased that an unrated cut could be arriving at some point. The new cut will have a much more substantial body count, which one might argue is a reflection of Meghan McCain’s replies every time she tweets. You know, because the movie is clearly about her like all things in life.

M3GAN is currently playing in theaters.

(Via Meghan McCain on Twitter)