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SZA’s New Video For ‘Kill Bill’ Is As Bloody As You’d Expect

SZA‘s new album S.O.S., the long-awaited follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Ctrl, has been No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart for four weeks now. The track with the most success has been the mischievous, relentlessly catchy “Kill Bill,” which topped the charts as well. She teased a video for it at the end of December, and now it’s finally out.

Considering the cinematic, violent nature of the song (“I might kill my ex, I still love him though / Rather be in jail than alone,” she sings on the chorus), the video had to be intense. And it is. It kicks off with a round of many gunshots, not shot by SZA, though. However, she makes it out alive, and later procures a sword for a tumultuous sword fight. Inspired by Quentin Tarantino, the video has a cameo from Vivica A. Fox, who was in Tarantino’s iconic film Kill Bill.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly last month, she said, “I love Vivica A. Fox’s character. I love Lucy Liu’s character. I even love Bill because he’s super complex. I feel like he doesn’t understand why he did what he did. He’s void of emotion, but he loved The Bride so much that he couldn’t stand her to be with anyone else.”

Watch the “Kill Bill” video above.