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Genesis Owusu Shares The Colorful Video For The Groovy ‘Get Inspired’

Genesis Owusu‘s “Get Inspired” is possibly the catchiest song to end up in an ad. You may have heard it while scrolling TikTok and coming across a clip for Apple Fitness+; the groovy chorus makes it impossible to skip. The track follows the 2021 release of his debut LP Smiling With No Teeth, which won Album of the Year at the Australian Recording Industry Awards, and that was only one of four awards he took home that night.

He’s back now with a video for “Get Inspired.” Directed by Babekuhl and Chris Yee, the video is chaotic and entrancing, full of bursting color and glitches. The dancing is plentiful to the absurdly infectious, energetic hook: “Shawty, get inspired / How ’bout that / How ’bout that this time.”

In July of last year, the Ghana native released “GTFO,” a metaphorical song about ambition and desperation. “There are many people like Roach. Strugglers, doing whatever they can to get through hell and high water,” Owusu explained in a statement at the time. “Bankruptcy, depression, sickness; God himself can try to stand in the way, but a struggler has to keep struggling. And a Roach has to keep Roaching. Even when it’s told to GTFO.”

Watch the video for “Get Inspired” above.