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Seth Meyers Took Time From His Show Last Night To Once Again Laugh At That Classic Clip Of Mike Pence Clapping While Running

In December 2020 — just about a month before he was almost murdered by a group of MAGA insurrectionists at the Capitol — Mike Pence made the kind of history that only the then-VP could when he excitedly pranced his way onto the stage at a Georgia campaign rally for Republican senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. And became a total laughingstock for what seemed to be a terrible imitation of a seal.

Why are we bringing this up now, more than two years later? First, because it will never NOT be funny. But also because, while discussing just how f***ed up the House of Representatives is bound to be for the next several years, after Kevin McCarthy sold his soul and every last bit of dignity he might have had in the first place in order to secure his position as Speaker of the House, Seth Meyers found a way to work it into the conversation. Because the clip will never get old!

While Meyers was talking about shifty Montana senator-turned-newly elected congressman Ryan Zinke, who was once questioned about spending $6,250 of taxpayers’ money on a roundtrip helicopter trip to go horseback riding with Pence. Which is all it took for Meyers to have a reason to dust off this classic clip. As the host explained:

First of all, I’m surprised Mike Pence would ever engage in such an unnatural activity as horseback riding. ‘Man and beast were not meant to consort in such a devilish fashion.’ Also, I can’t imagine Pence riding a regular trail horse. He seems to have more of a dressage horse kind of vibe. I mean, have you ever seen him run? He prances like one of those stallions at the Olympics…

Also you guys: Clapping while running is NOT a good look. It looks like he should be holding two coconuts, Monty Python-style. I’m guessing this is what Trump had in mind when he sicced that mob on Pence on January 6th. ‘He’s faster than he looks, but the clapping! The clapping gives away his location!’

You can watch the full clip above.