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When Is ‘M3GAN’ Available For Streaming?

With M3GAN being a surprise box office hit, and a sequel already in early development, the obvious question is how soon can audiences stream her creepy dancing murder doll ways from the comfort (and safety) of their own homes. Well, good news on that front. M3GAN will reportedly be available for VOD rental or purchase starting January 24.

As for when it will hit Peacock, that’s a little more murky. According to Polygon, if M3GAN follows in the footsteps of other Universal releases, it should arrive on the streaming platform within the next month:

A subscription streaming premiere date for M3GAN has yet to be announced. However, with the film being distributed by Universal Pictures, M3GAN will almost certainly make its streaming debut on Peacock, the Comcast-owned streaming service. Based on previous Universal releases like Ambulance, The Northman, and Nope, we can estimate that M3GAN is likely to land on Peacock sometime in February.

Polygon also notes that there appears to be a pipeline for Universal movies making the jump to Amazon Prime Video after spending a few months on Peacock. That would make M3GAN available for streaming on Prime sometime this summer.

In the meantime, there has already been talk of an unrated cut of M3GAN where America’s favorite little killbot has a much more substantial body cut that doesn’t need to be trimmed to score a PG-13 rating. As for whether that cut will be available in theaters, streaming, or physical release hasn’t been revealed, but writer Akela Cooper said the unrated version is “on the books.”

M3GAN will be available on VOD on January 24.

(Via Polygon)