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Taeyang Returns To Music After Six Years With His New Single ‘Vibe’ Featuring Jimin Of BTS

As icons of their respective generation, and icons of K-pop overall, they know they got that vibe.

After a six-year hiatus from music, Taeyang returns to the scene today (January 13) with his highly-anticipated single “VIBE” featuring Jimin of BTS. Following BIGBANG‘s release last May with “Still Life,” the second-gen ace gets back to his solo groove and tapped the BTS member who was known to be influenced and inspired by him.

With “VIBE,” Taeyang takes it back by meshing some of the genres he personally loves and placing them into his new song. Working with Teddy Park, the founder of TheBlackLabel and the in-house executive producer for YG Entertainment, the two concocted an energetic track that blends retro, New Jack Swing, and old-school R&B beats deriving from the ’90s and early 2000s.

Donning matching outfits throughout the music video, Taeyang and Jimin each take a verse to show off their pipes and footwork. The harmony between the two K-pop legends comes to life towards the end of the music video as they dance side to side.

According to various reports, Taeyang has teased plans for an album release in the future.

The release of “VIBE” follows Taeyang’s departure from his former label, YG Entertainment. The Korean artist signed on to its label affiliate, TheBlackLabel, which houses other top-tier acts like Jeon Somi, Zion.T, LØREN, and more.