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‘The Boys’ VFX Supervisor Has (Jokingly) Pinpointed ‘The Most Disgusting Thing’ He’s Seen From The Show

The Boys is currently hard at work on Season 4, but you know how people are while working, and that includes Supe-loathing vigilantes: there’s always time to tweet, if one is so inclined. If it’s any consolation at all during these months of waiting, however, we will see the Gen V college-aged spinoff much sooner, and that show has freaked out Arnold Schwarzenegger and will feature multiple cast members from the series proper.

Back to the tweeting, though. The Boys social media team (Billy Butcher, we see you) has recently had a grand time while trolling HBO Max for deleting shows and movies (and this was before the immediate $1 price hike). And it’s all fun and games until the Compound V-infused series took things way too far.

As one can see below, The Boys is now claiming to have done the unthinkable and gone PG for Season 4

Stephan Fleet, the show’s VFX supervisor a producer, is appalled. Maybe: “I think I just saw the most disgusting thing I have seen working in this business thus far.”

Yes, that’s infinitely more revolting than the entire Herogasm adventure (RIP to Mother’s Milk‘s grip on sanity that day). Still, we have a lot to look forward to when the definitely TV-MA series returns. That includes new Supes because Maeve and Starlight are off the team. Hopefully, Maeve will have a nice quiet life on the farm, but don’t count on Starlight going quietly. Thank god.