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On Top Of Everything Else, George Santos Also Worked For A Company Accused Of Being A Ponzi Scheme

Before he was improbably elected to Congress, George Santos was busy. He wasn’t busy doing a lot of the things he told voters he’d done, such as going to prestigious universities and having Jewish heritage. Instead, he’s been accused of all manner of underhandedness and tomfoolery. On top of allegations ranging from fraud in Brazil to lying about being a college volleyball star, you can now add “worked for a company accused of being a Ponzi scheme.”

As per CNN, the embattled New York representative worked at a Harbor City Capital Corp. in 2020 and 2021, an investment company located in Florida. A year after his employment, the company was sued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, calling it a “classic Ponzi scheme” in which existing investors are paid with funds from new investors.

Santos’ name was nowhere in the complaint and it’s possible he had no inkling of the company’s malfeasance. Last year he told The Daily Beast that he was “as distraught and disturbed as everyone else” to learn about their possible wrongdoing.

However, in April of 2020, in a now-deleted tweet, Santos responded to someone over Twitter who had accused the company of being a “complete fraud.” He responded by calling the company “100% legitimate.”

Santos has refused to remove himself from the House amidst an ever-growing Scooby Doo-sized sandwich of allegations, some he has admitted were spot-on. Instead it appears he spends his days on Capitol Hill trying to ignore reporters and palling around with some of the other sketchy members of Congress.

(Via CNN)