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‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’ Almost Had What Probably Would Have Been A Pretty Wicked Space Battle

Avatar: The Way of Water is a massive, massive hit, which is a big relief: It means James Cameron will follow through and give it a whole mess of sequels. That means he’ll be able to show more sides of Pandora. We already know the next one will feature “Ash People” — a race of Na’vi who aren’t very nice. Where else could he go? Will we see ice Na’vi? City Na’vi? Spellunking Na’vi? Casino Na’vi? Maybe they could even leave Pandora and go to space. If you like that idea, you were almost in luck.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Way of Water co-writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver revealed some of the ideas that almost but not quite found their way into the series’ first sequel. One of them found them heading into the cosmos.

“There was one idea of a space battle with Navi,” Jaffa told EW. “That idea got a lot of traction, and we talked a lot about it. We were struggling, though. How would that work with the story that we’re telling? Jim said, ‘Well, give me a few weeks.’ He went off and he wrote an entire script. And, by the way, a brilliant script.”

Alas, the idea was too much for the writers room. “At the end of the day, the whole script got thrown out because it just didn’t really work with the story we were telling,” Jaffa revealed.

That said, it’s cool idea. It’s easy to think of the Avatar franchise as space movies because it finds humans traveling to another planet. But the Na’vi are always Pandora-bound. Since there are going to be a bunch more Avatar sequels, surely one of them can send those giant blue creatures to space for wicked some laser battles or whatever. Maybe even have them head to Earth to stomp all around New York City or go see some jazz at The Village Vanguard. Now that Cameron’s no longer worried people had gotten over Avatar, the sky’s the limit.

(Via EW)