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Tini And Lali Had An Epic Reunion At Fiesta Bresh In Madrid

Two of Argentina’s biggest pop stars collided in Madrid last week. On Friday night, Tini and Lali had an epic reunion during Fiesta Bresh. Spanish pop star Lola Índigo danced with the iconic duo as well.

Tini and Lali are two of Argentina’s top female pop stars. As women, they have gotten pitted against each other by the media over the years, though they have shown that they’re close friends. While working in Madrid this past week, Tini and Lali had a chance to catch up at the Fiesta Bresh event. Tini was in town to promote her new single, “Muñecas,” while Lali was celebrating the release of season three of her Netflix series Sky Rojo.

When Lali was invited to the Fiesta Bresh stage to perform her song “N5,” she grabbed Tini by the hand to join her. The two Argentine pop stars had the crowd and social media going wild as they danced together. Índigo joined them as well. One fan on Twitter wrote, “A song by Lali and Tini is not what I want, it’s what I need.”

Later, Tini performed “Muñecas” on the Fiesta Bresh stage. Índigo danced with her to her new collaboration featuring Steve Aoki and La Joaqui. Índigo also sang her song “La Niña De La Escuela” alongside Tini during the event.