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Drake’s ‘Jumbotron Sh*t Poppin’ Video Features Mike Tyson, $3 Million Worth Of Pharrell’s Jewelry, And A Gold PSP

Drake is wealthy, and if that wasn’t obvious based just on his long-running musical success, he takes every opportunity to show it off, whether he’s sharing big bets or buying an amusement park. Now, his new video for Her Loss highlight “Jumbotron Sh*t Poppin” is more of the same.

The video is presented as a slice-of-life look into three days of Drake’s life. Well, it looks like he packed a lot into those 72 hours. Perhaps most notably, he took time to show off a ton of jewelry. HipHopDX notes that some of the wares come from an online auction Pharrell hosted last October, in which he sold off his personal jewelry and other items. Spotted in the Drake video were “a 14K three-tone N.E.R.D pendant chain ($2,184,000), a white gold brain pendant chain ($725,000) and a skateboard pendant chain ($103,750),” and the publication estimates Drake flexed about $3.3 million worth of Pharrell’s old jewelry overall.

Elsewhere in the video, we get appearances from Mike Tyson, Lil Baby, and French Montana. Drake also nods to the gamers watching by prominently showing off a golden Sony PSP (that handheld video game console from the 2000s, in case you forgot) at multiple points.

Check out the “Jumbotron Sh*t Poppin” video above.