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Craig Ferguson Is Returning To Late Night TV With ‘Channel Surf,’ A Show About Making Fun Of Other Shows

It’s been a while since Craig Ferguson departed American late night television — eight years and just shy of a month, to be exact. So much has changed since then and is changing. For one thing, the highest rated late night show is now on Fox News, of all places. For another, late night shows keep either losing their hosts or getting cancelled. But now, after refusing to return to the scene, Ferguson’s on his way back, albeit with a very different sort of comedy program.

As per Variety, Sony Pictures Television is working on a syndicated late night show that will air this fall. It’s called Channel Surf, and instead of a chat show with guests and bands and whatnot, it will find a host looking back at the most “shocking, surprising and hilarious moments” from the week’s shows. In other words, it’s a show about other shows. And the host will be no less than the erstwhile emcee of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Sony has already filmed a pilot for Channel Surf, and the format will find Ferguson discussing — although really joking about — what went down on television. The show exists in part, says a Sony exec, to fill the gap left by the dearth of new sitcoms, saying, “viewers need a place to laugh.”

Ferguson called it “a TV show which contains clips of questionable moments from other TV shows thus creating a spectacular visual turducken of stupid.”

“Turducken of stupid”? That’s a lot of stupid. Sign us up.

(Via Variety)