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Ted Cruz’s Sad Attempt To Outwit Stephen King Over Banned Books Has Of Course Blown Up In His Face

Ted Cruz can’t resist wading into the TV and movie realms when it suits his purposes. Usually, this turns into an embarrassing exchange, like that time when he misinterpreted Watchmen while going off on an anti-environmentalist bender. He has also broken the First Rule of Fight Club to disastrous ends, and that wasn’t as amazing as when the noted The Princess Bride superfan tangled with Cary Elwes. Now, Ted has decided to poke a horror maestro, and although that figure appears to be ignoring him, there’s still comeuppance coming from elsewhere.

The subject of this Cancun Cruz adventure happens to be banned books, which Ted has spun into a conservative issue. Stephen King, who has reportedly removed one of his own books from circulation and who tweets about everything from salmon recipes to dad jokes, picked up the topic without firing shots at anyone in particular.

“Hey, kids!” the Cell author tweeted. “It’s your old buddy Steve King telling you that if they ban a book in your school, haul your ass to the nearest bookstore or library ASAP and find out what they don’t want you to read.”

Ted decided to turn the tweet around while falsely suggesting that the Bible has been banned: “And just like that, millions of kids began reading the Bible…”

As mentioned above, King has not dignified Ted’s tweet with a response, but that’s alright. The Stand author’s followers are doing it for him while letting Ted know that he’s “outmatched” and that, no, the Bible has not been banned, and maybe Ted hasn’t read any Stephen King books, or he would have noticed the plentiful biblical themes at work. The separation of church and state also popped into the discussion.

And this story wouldn’t be complete without a Cancun joke.