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Will ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ Eventually Be More Than A Negan-And-Maggie-Only Show After All?

AMC has been a little preoccupied with other varieties of the undead lately, but never fear, the Walkers will soon return.

The Walking Dead will soon launch into spinoff city by putting a bow on the show’s very first spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead, with an eighth season. From there, it’s all eyes on a buffet of spinoffs, including the Rick Grimes and Michonne joint and a Daryl Dixon ride and, somehow, the previously unthinkable combo of Negan and Maggie. The Walking Dead: Dead City will arrive this spring, and this duo will unwisely head into New York City, where more terrifying zombies have gathered en masse, and they’re apparently searching for Hershel Rhee, son of Maggie and the late Glenn.

Before that happens, stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan are dropping hints about how their “standalone” show — although it will take place in Manhattan, which is apparently now being treated as an island in the truest sense of the word — could see some crossover action with other universe characters. Could Daryl Dixon show up at LaGuardia while teaching himself how to fly to France? Probably not, but Morgan believes that “the door is open” for other characters to overlap with other spinoffs, and vice versa. Via E! Online:

“I think the door is open because we are all on the same timeline,” Jeffrey revealed to E! News. “They are existing at the same time. So I think there is the opportunity to bring a character from this show, a character from that show, and do something else that can continue.”

Lauren agreed, saying “there’s hope of a collision” between all of the different shows.

It would surely be a missed opportunity for these shows to not crossover at some point, so keeping them in the same timeline is great news on that front. Rick Grimes’ location was previously revealed (in The World Beyond spinoff) to be in Philadelphia (as Comic Book pointed out), which isn’t all that far away from Manhattan. And who knows, Rick could one day decide to relive his “dumbass” moment and ride a horse into NYC.

(Via E! Online)