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‘BMF’ To Blowin’ Money Fast: A Dance With The Devil In Season 2, Episode 3

(SPOILERS for this week’s BMF episode will be found below.)

Each week for the ‘BMF’ To Blowin’ Money Fast series, we’ll recap the episode by looking at a few key things to see how they hurt Meech and Terry’s money-making goals. Each item will be marked as a profit or a loss, the former keeping them in the black and the latter pushing them into the red. Throughout the course of the season, something that was once unprofitable could turn profitable, and vice versa, but we’ll have to wait and see what that might be.

Last week on “Family Business,” the second episode of season two of BMF, we spent a lot time with the Flenory family. Whether it be a closer look at the tension between Meech and Terry, Terry’s struggles with Charles and their new business, or the issues between Lucille and Charles’, the lows of the Flenory family were on full display.

In the third episode of season two, titled “Devil’s Night,” Meech and Terry’s respective agendas suffer a crushing blow and it forces them to put their differences aside to help each other out. Meech seeks more product from K-9, and while he is barely able to get him to agree, K-9 gives Meech a critical task to follow before he can get it. He fails to complete the task correctly, and while he’s left to think of a new way to get new product, an old enemy from the past revisits him for revenge which forces Terry to spring into action. On the flip side, the car-ride service business turns out to be quite competitive which Terry learns after ruffling the competition’s feathers. Just like Meech, Terry’s new enemy also gets revenge on him in a way that momentarily sets the car-ride service back. Luckily, thanks to help from a couple of people including Meech, Terry is able to get his own revenge.



For the second week in a row, Terry is crowned with the profit label for multiple reasons. First, he’s the half of the Flenory Car-Ride Service that actually strives to make the company more profitable. Charles refuses to take the risks Terry wants to, and if he had it his way, it would take them much longer to make the money they want. When a competing car-ride service takes aim at Terry and his cars, it was Terry who figured out a way to retaliate and make sure it happened. When Meech got shot, Terry picked up his broken chain and drove his car to the hospital. No matter where he is, Terry is an asset and one could argue that Meech underestimated his value — especially with B-Mickie’s loyalty in question. We also know for sure that Charles will miss his absence and struggle when Terry eventually moves on from the car-ride business.

Charles Flenory


It seems like Charles is really setting out to be the fans’ most disliked character in BMF. Somehow, he’s irritated fans more than Lamar, who killed a child, and B-Mickie, who is seemingly about to give the police the final pieces they need to arrest Meech. However, especially with this episode, it makes sense why people (including myself) feel the way they do about Charles. He continues to be neglectful towards Lucille as their relationship has only gotten worse. When Terry got into an accident with Nicole in the car after a competing car-ride service tampered with their vehicle, he accuses Terry of getting back into the drug and demands that they return to a “safer” and less profitable business approach as a result. This is in addition to Charles threatening their pastor and having eyes for his bandmate at church. Charles brings a loss to the business and the emotional stability of those around him, and quite frankly, I think we’ve all had enough.



Markeisha is a nice addition to BMF, especially when she helps Terry to pay attention to the small details of the car-ride service. Last week, she told him about picking up passengers from the airport to make more money as well as stocking the cars with refreshments to satisfy passengers. Both of these proved to be profitable moves for the ride service. Now, it’s clear that Terry growing feelings for Markeisha are partly why he keeps him going back to her, but following the accident, he goes to her to genuinely seek advice for his next move. It’s here that Markeisha informs that his anger and decision to handle the situation as he would as a drug dealer will only make things worse. So thanks to her, Terry figures out a calmer way — well, it started off calm — to get revenge on the competing car-ride service. In the realm of love, Terry will certainly have things to figure out after their kiss, but as an associate, Markeisha should be here to stay.

Snoop Dogg Pastor Swift’s Advice


Snoop Dogg’s role as Pastor Swift in BMF is enjoyable in its sporadic form, but man, he couldn’t have handled the tension between Lucille and Charles any worse. After a Sunday service, Lucille pulls Pastor Swift aside to open up and ask for advice on how to fix the issues between her and Charles — she even tells him about the x-rated magazine she found in his guitar case. Pastor Swift’s advice is for her to basically set aside her needs and become more submissive to Charles, and eventually (hopefully, maybe) Charles’ response will cater to her needs. Pastor Swift also takes things a step further and approaches Charles to let him know that he’s an open ear if he decides to open up about the struggles in his and Lucille’s marriage. That doesn’t go as Charles threatens Pastor Swift who decides to push the envelope just a bit more by telling Charles to find a new place for his x-rated magazines.



Meech and Terry’s enemies certainly get a momentary upper hand against them in “Devil’s Night.” Lamar breaks free from the hospital and tracks down Meech to shoot him at point-blank range with the goal of killing him. Terry’s beef with the competing car-ride service injures Nicole and leaves the business without their three cars. There are plenty of quotes about along the lines of “enemies strengthen you” (Frank Herbert), but in that process of becoming stronger, one must set aside time and energy from their original in order to focus on beating their enemy. For Meech, this time and energy is money, and even if it makes them stronger, you certainly can’t pay the bills with muscles only. For the Flenory boys, enemies cost time, which costs energy, and that costs money. In their respective worlds, they can’t afford to lose money as it will put them in positions they don’t want to be in.



While having enemies can hurt profits, getting revenge on them is certainly one way to ensure that the business remains uninterrupted going forward. Terry proves this is the case by getting back at the competing car-ride service. Pouring sugar in their cars’ gas tanks as well as cutting the brake lines proves to be a very effective yet minimally damaging way to get back at them. It took little effort, aside from the beatdown they laid on one of the drivers, but in the end, the message was delivered. As for Meech, the road towards getting revenge on Lamar begins next week on episode four, but best believe Meech is going to put Lamar away for good once and for all.

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