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Kim Petras Is Anything But Freezing On Her New Hot Girl Anthem ‘Brrr’

Kim Petras dropped her brand new single, “Brrr,” on the heels of her massive “Unholy” collab with Sam Smith.

Produced by Ilya (Ariana Grande, Normani, Ellie Goulding), the song details trying to melt a cool new relationship over a heavy industrial synth beat, as she details a “live fast, die young” mentality.

“You should pull me up closer / Turn the heat up in your Rover / Why don’t you take it out on me? / If you think you’re so cold, brrr,” Petras ponders in the electronic chorus as her voice becomes increasingly robotic.

“If you likе it, baby, hotel lobby / Can you work me, baby, like pilatеs? / I’ma do my fitness, every day, so / You can come and get it, have your way / When you say it, say it, say it with a little attitude,” she adds in the second verse.

However, the pre-chorus gives a softer break, showing off Petras’ range.

“Brrr,” along with her November solo song, “If Jesus Was A Rockstar,” have both been speculated to be tracks from her upcoming debut album… Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Petras is also set to debut the song’s first live performance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, which will air on January 23 at 12:35 p.m. ET.

Listen to Kim Petras’ new song “Brrr” above.