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Master the Mini Ramp with this Master Class Series

Do you want to further hone your mini ramp skills? This Mini Ramp Master Class Series teaches you intermediate and advanced-level tricks you can do on the mini ramp.

Produced by Tilikum Média in partnership with QC Skateboard Camp, the Mini Ramp Master Class is a 9-episode series in which nine passionate skateboarders from Quebec City teach you their pocket tricks.

The Master Class lessons include the Backside Noseblunt, Blunt Frontside Switch, Fakie Frontside Feeble Fakie, Backside Hurricane, Feeble Revert 270 Out, Nollie Backside 360, 360 Flip, Fakie Varial Flip to Rock and  Fakie Pop Shove-it 5-0 Fakie.

You can watch the rest of the series here.

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