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TWICE Cheekily Compares Love To ‘Moonlight Sunrise’ In Second English Single

Releasing right at midnight (January 20), where the moonlight is shimmering on the western hemisphere and there’s sunrise on the other, TWICE finally releases their second long-awaited, and highly-anticipated English single “Moonlight Sunrise.”

The nine-member ensemble — composed of Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu — grabs inspiration from the energetic sounds of Miami bass and turns “Moonlight Sunrise” into a dreamy, dance pop track that puts listeners through a sonic getaway into love.

The English single boasts romantically flirtatious and heart-fluttering lyrics, that guarantees to sweep any ONCE (TWICE’s fans) off their feet. Whether it be Chaeyoung’s rap done in a lower register, or Sana whisper-singing “Come with me / Don’t think twice” in the second verse, or Mina’s (or shall we say Sharon, her English name?) analogy of calling herself a shot of tequila sunrise, “Moonlight Sunrise” is a perfect blend of showcasing TWICE’s grown cheekiness while still keeping their signature bubbly personas.

According to a report from YTN News on Naver earlier this week, “Moonlight Sunrise” “expresses the feelings and excitement you feel when you love someone using analogies of the bright moonlight and the rising sun.”

Earlier this month, it was revealed “Moonlight Sunrise” was co-written by members Nina Ann Nelson and Kaedi Dalley of girl group CitizenQueen.

The release of “Moonlight Sunrise” comes after the success of their first English single “The Feels” in 2021, where the track carried a mesh of disco and pop elements in sound and choreography. However, the latest English single is only a pre-release to the group’s upcoming twelfth EP titled Our Youth. According to the group’s announcement earlier this month, the new music project is expected to come in March.