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When Will ‘M3gan’ Be On Streaming?

As 2023 is the year of M3gan, it would make sense that she becomes available to those lesser people who decided they were “too good” to make a trip to the movie theater in the middle of January to see her do some little TikTok dance moves. Oh, you didn’t see M3gan opening night? Do you not support real art? Well now is your chance and you better not mess it up!

The instant cult classic robot comedy-thriller starring Academy Award Nominee Announcer Allison Williams is now available on VOD beginning today, January 24th, just two weeks after hitting theaters. You can rent or buy the horror hit from the comfort of your own robot-free home on Amazon, Apple TV, or by using your cable provider.

As with past Paramount movies, M3gan will likely be available for streaming on Paramount+ 45 days after its theatrical release, so it will probably be streaming by February 20th.

M3gan stars Williams as a toy maker who sets out to create a friend for her niece. As with any robot-centered story, things take an interesting turn and M3gan soon becomes unhinged with a mind of her own. It might not sound like much, but the internet soon learned the power of little robot girls dancing, and thus the M3gan phenomenon was born.

A sequel to the movie has already been announced, so there is so much more M3gan to come. Aren’t you excited enough to do a creepy little dance to celebrate!?