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George Santos’ Vaguely Ominous ‘Surprise’ For Journalists Turned Out To Be Some Dunkin’ Donuts

For weeks some unlucky reporters have been placed on the George Santos beat. They follow the fibbing new GOP representative around, trying to get him to address the many, many, many strange and/or alarming allegations made against him. He tends to ignore them. But it’s clear they’re getting to him, just as all the comics who’ve been impersonating him clearly ruffled his feathers. Over the weekend, Santos said he had a vaguely ominous-sounding “surprise” for them. What was it? Turns out it was just donuts.

On Tuesday, Santos showed up at his Capitol hill office bearing some treats. “I got you guys some donuts. Donuts and coffee. For all the hard work you guys do,” Santos told reporters gathered outside his place of work. “Thank you so much for being here and doing your job.”

He also vowed that he would be busy legislating and that he had some “cool stuff coming out of this office soon.”

It was a nice gesture, if one drowning in withering sarcasm. Santos might not want to say much about the claims made against him, even the ones he’s admitted are true, or if deceiving voters to get elected should disqualify him from office, as it would for any other job. But he will try to be funny, even if those attempts don’t go as swimmingly as he would wish. Meanwhile, Dunkin’ Donuts got the most unwelcome GOP product placement since Sidney Powell testified while chugging Diet Dr. Pepper.

(Via The Daily Mail)