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‘BMF’ To Blowin’ Money Fast: A Thousand Miles And Still Runnin’ In Season 2, Episode 4

(SPOILERS for this week’s BMF episode will be found below.)

Each week for the ‘BMF’ To Blowin’ Money Fast series, we’ll recap the episode by looking at a few key things to see how they hurt Meech and Terry’s money-making goals. Each item will be marked as a profit or a loss, the former keeping them in the black and the latter pushing them into the red. Throughout the course of the season, something that was once unprofitable could turn profitable, and vice versa, but we’ll have to wait and see what that might be.

Last week on “Devil’s Night,” the third episode in season two of BMF, Meech and Terry both suffered strong blows to their respective agendas. In the middle of a cocaine drought in Detroit, and other cities as well, Meech is left to go to extreme measures to get a new supply. However, he fails to accomplish the task placed before him by K-9 that would’ve granted him a new batch to sell, and as if that wasn’t enough, he also gets shot by Lamar to conclude the episode. As for Terry, he’s in a mini war with a competing car-ride service as they tampered with his tires and cause him and Nicole to get into an accident. Luckily for him, Terry is successfully able to retaliate thanks to help from Meech and Denise, the third driver in the Flenory Car-Ride Service.

In the fourth episode of season two, titled “Runnin’ On E,” Meech and Terry’s respective progress in their lanes blows up in their face. Once Meech is out of the hospital, thanks to Terry breaking him out to escape the wrath of Lamar, he, Terry, and B-Mickie are tasked with figuring out a way to find a new drug supply to get the BMF wheels turning again. Terry connects with a local drug supplier, Boom, who he convinces to give him a small batch of cocaine. He then instructs Denise to drive to Lansing, Michigan, but unbeknownst to her, Terry has hidden the drugs in the car for someone to take when she arrives in Lansing. Unfortunately for him, the plan goes terribly wrong when Denise is pulled over and arrested after the cocaine is found during a search. With Terry and a frustrated and angry Meech certain that she will tell the police all she knows, the boys are left to make a run for it out of Detroit.



Meech makes a fairly quick recovery after being shot by Lamar at the end of episode three last week. During his brief time in the hospital, Meech is watched over by Terry who even leaves a gun beside him for the moments he’s forced to leave him alone. Once he gets back on his feet, Meech does a good job of getting back to business. He relocates to his baby mother Lori’s (played by Serayah) house in order to hide from Lamar who is still on the hunt for him. He assigns BMF members to look out at Monique’s house so she and her daughter are safe. He rounds up the BMF troops to get back to work and he instructs Terry on what to do in order to get new product. Meech may have been down, but he wasn’t going to be down for long.



Terry was doing so well this season, but man, in “Runnin’ On E,” he really screws up. He starts off the episode by doing all the right things. He makes sure Meech is safe in the hospital and sneaks him out of it before Lamar can come in to try and kill him. He orchestrates a deal with Boom, a drug supplier from the city, and gets cocaine for BMF to sell which is crucial as there’s a drought in the city. However, all of his hard work goes to waste when he assigns Denise, the third driver in the Flenory Car-Ride Service, to take a trip to Lansing, Michigan. She’s unknowingly making the trip to help drop off the drugs for BMF to set up shop in the city. Unfortunately, Terry’s plan crashes and burn when Detectives Bryant and Jin stop Denise, search her car, and find the cocaine in it. She’s arrested and taken in for questioning. Knowing that she will most likely tell the detectives that the drugs were Terry’s and not hers, Terry and Meech are forced to drop everything and make a run for it to avoid being arrested. Terry, known for his smarts, slipped up big time here.



Lucille’s only flaw in BMF is probably exhausting her efforts with Charles, but when it comes to her children, she’s flawless in her support of them. When Pastor Swift prays for Meech’s speedy recovery during a church service, several members walk out as they refuse to pray for someone who they believe is hurting their community. Lucille takes note of this and decides to stand up for her son and call out the hypocritical church members. She criticizes a woman whose husband dealt with prostitutes before shifting her attention to another woman whose daughter was arrested for DUI. To Lucille’s point, you can’t throw stones while living in a glass house, and furthermore, she’s not saying her son isn’t guilty of the accusations placed on him. She simply wants him to stay alive long enough to maybe change his ways one day. What mother wouldn’t want that for her child?



I think for the first time all season, Charles has finally done right by his children outside of giving them a roof over their heads and food to eat. Towards the end of the episode, as Meech and Terry are saying their final goodbyes before making a run, Charles gives them a stack of cash to help their escape efforts. Up until this point, it seemed pretty clear that Charles would not have any compassion towards Meech or Terry if they were to get in trouble with the law. In fact, after Lucille stands up for Meech in church, Charles says he also would’ve walked out of church if Meech wasn’t his son. However, contrary to all assumptions, Charles does the little bit he can for both Meech and Terry moments before they hit the road. His additional instruction for them to stay together no matter what. Charles wants his kids to live on the straight and narrow, and even though he’s extremely frustrated that their lives are far from that, deep down he fears the worse happening to them, and in this episode, he showed that.

Flenory Car-Ride Service


I mean. Charles, Terry, and Denise can consider this company as good as dead. Denise is in jail for being caught with cocaine that Terry placed in the car. Terry is on the run under the presumption that Denise will tell the cops that Terry put the drugs in the car. As for Charles, well, he’s down two drivers and it’s assumed that the car Denise was driving will be kept as evidence so he’s also down a car. Considering the fact that they’re still recovering from Devil’s Night, it will be extremely hard for Charles to make money as just the lone driver of the company. With all of that being said, the Flenory Car-Ride Service is essentially over. Its loss will probably leave Terry with no choice but to re-enter the game, but considering the fact that he’s already on the run, it seems like that choice has already been made.



Meech and Terry are going to have to find a way to get rid of Lamar sooner or later because that man is wreaking havoc on their lives. Let’s recap what he’s done in season two so far: he shot Meech, terrorized Monique and their daughter, killed two members of BMF who were formerly a part of 12th Street Gang, and impersonated a doctor with the goal of killing Meech. As if that wasn’t enough, the episode ends with Lamar chasing down Meech and Terry as they look to make their exit from Detroit and relocate to Atlanta. He crashes into Terry’s car several times and nearly swipes their car off the road. With Terry and Meech taking their talents to Atlanta for the time being, it’s assumed that Lamar will be out of their hair going forward. However, when they decide to return to Detroit, Lamar will certainly be there waiting to ruin any plan they have for success.

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