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Triple H Is Willing To Chip In If Joel Embiid Keeps Getting Fined For Doing DX Crotch Chops

Joel Embiid got rather excited during a game against the Brooklyn Nets earlier this week. After finishing a layup through contact and drawing a foul, Embiid, a well-documented professional wrestling fan who has said that his favorite wrestler is Triple H, did the crotch chop made famous by D-Generation X. While he has done the crotch chop before, the NBA still did not like that he did this, and on Friday, the league hit Embiid with a $25,000 fine.

This is not exactly a ton of money for Embiid and, seeing as how much fun he had after the game with all of this, our hunch is that he is going to continue having two words for opponents as the season goes on. And if the league keeps hitting him with fines, Embiid has Triple H in this corner, as The Game took some time away from preparing for Saturday night’s Royal Rumble to let the big man know that he’ll chip in if Embiid wants to send a much larger check to the league to cover future crotch chop-related fines.

There is no word on whether Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, the New Age Outlaws, or (as of Monday night) Kurt Angle will join their fellow DX member in helping Embiid out with this one.