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Zara Larsson Apologized For Wearing A Dress Adorned With A Noted Nazi Band’s Logo: ‘Oopsie’

Zara Larsson is having a good year so far following the recent release of her song “Can’t Tame Her,” which shows her fun side, and she explained is about the way she is “very loud and I try to stay true to myself and surround myself with people who care about me, so we can all help each other and protect each other.”

Unfortunately, it looks like no one protected her from this PR mess. The singer attended the P3 Guld, an annual awards show put on by the Norwegian radio station RK P3, in a controversial dress. It’s adorned with logos of many metal bands such as Cannibal Corpse and Behemoth, but the biggest one is Burzum.

If you don’t know Burzum, their Wikipedia page should keep you occupied for some time. The project is Varg Vikernes, a neo-Nazi who was convicted for murder and arson. However, Burzum still maintains a lot of defenders today because of the 1996 cult-followed album Filosofem.

I think it’s safe to say that Larsson never took a trip to the Wikipedia page. In a statement, she said, “Oopsie, had no idea. Just thought my clothes looked cool. … It was unfortunate. … To clarify, it was not their merch I was wearing.”