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Jesse Watters And Other Republicans Have Some Bizarre (And Unsafe) Ideas On How To Get Rid Of The Mysterious Chinese Balloon

Last week a strange sight appeared over Montana: a giant balloon. It was quickly deduced that it belonged to China. But why was it there? China officials have claimed it’s a meteorological device and that it — and a second one found floating over Latin America — was there by mistake. Others suspected it was some sort of “spy balloon.” President Joe Biden has vowed to “take care” of the flying object, but others in the GOP have other bizarre — and unsafe! — ideas on how to handle it.

Jesse Watters, who’s been gaming to be as kooky as Fox News colleagues like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, wondered why some random Montana-ian doesn’t, you know, just dig into their arsenal for a solution.

“Why not shoot it over Montana?” Watters said. He wasn’t exactly worried about property damage. Indeed, that could be a badge of honor. “That’s your barn that it lands on. The feds reimburse you the money, and then you set up a little museum for the rest of your life and you live off that. You do Good Morning America, you do Fox and Friends, and that’s it.”

Watters had some other solutions. “How about you crank some of those windmills cockeye and, you know, blow it back to Canada?” he suggested. “Or how about you ram it with the Goodyear blimp?” he added. “Scramble some more F-22 Raptors. Throw some lead in that sucker.”

If you live in Montana, please don’t do any of this.

Other GOPers have had similar thoughts. Both Paul Gosar and sore election loser Kari Lake both posted images of themselves brandishing guns, ready to take out the balloon. Please don’t be like either of them.

(Via The Daily Beast)