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Chelsea Handler Responded To Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Complaints That Congress Is A Full-Time Job: ‘Go Work At Foot Locker, B**ch’

On Monday, Chelsea Handler took her place behind The Daily Show desk as the latest guest host to occupy Trevor Noah’s recently vacated seat. Or, as she sees it: “This is where I get to spend a week talking sh*t about all the wack jobs and hot messes out there. But I do it sitting behind a desk, because I’m a professional!”

Among the first targets on Handler’s list was “Marjorie Taylor Greene, a.k.a. Capitol-Storming Barbie, who hates her job,” according to the host. “Which is so funny, because the rest of us also hate her having her job.”

Handler’s comments were in response to a video the conspiracy theory-loving congresswoman posted about just how hard it is to be an elected official. “Becoming a member of Congress has made my life miserable,” Greene said — to say nothing of how miserable she has made millions of Americans. Among Marge’s complaints? She spends way too much time in Washington, D.C. and doesn’t get to go home and just be a “regular” person. “Because this job is so demanding it’s turned into practically year-round,” Greene said.

A JOB? Being YEAR-ROUND? What kind of insanity is that?!? Handler had some thoughts:

First of all, you’re NOT a regular person, you moron. You’re a congressperson. Because you campaigned and somehow WON, which requires you to work. Year-round! I also don’t want to work year-round, and that’s why I don’t.

To quote Kim K. for a second: ‘Get your f***ing ass up and work!’

For Handler, the ultimate point was that “if you don’t like being in congress, then go work at Foot Locker, bitch.”

You can watch the full clip above, beginning around the 4:35 mark.