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Lana Del Rey Regrets Not Singing More On Taylor Swift’s ‘Snow On The Beach’

When Taylor Swift unveiled Midnights last year, the reactions piled up. The consensus was that fans loved it. However, even if they enjoyed songs, they all seemed to agree on one element that could’ve been better: Lana Del Rey’s appearance on “Snow On The Beach.” The Born To Die star only contributed backing vocals, which can barely be heard on the song.

Listeners used this opportunity to turn their disappointment into memes. Del Rey was probably aware of this field day the internet was having because she acknowledged on her private Instagram @honeymoon today (February 6) that her contribution to the track was minimal.

Sharing photos of a Grammys afterparty with Swift, Antonoff, and others, according to Just Jared, she captioned them, “I would’ve sung the entire second verse if I had known, I was the only feature,” the “Young And Beautiful” singer continued, “but my production skills were on point, and Chuck’s photo skills are fire.”

In 2019, Swift spoke about her admiration for Del Rey at the Billboard Music Awards. “I’ve watched as one of my favorite artists of the decade, Lana Del Rey, […] was ruthlessly criticized early in her career, and then slowly but surely, she turned into, in my opinion, the most influential artist in pop,” she said. “Her vocal stylings, her lyrics, her aesthetics: they’ve been echoed and repurposed everywhere in music.”